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Halil Akdeniz - İmgenin İzinde/In Pursuit of Image

Until March 19, 2017
Kare Art Gallery
We present you a selection of works produced by Halil Akdeniz within last 2 years of his journey of art, which reaches from abstract to conceptual and from conceptual to beyond conceptual, while referring to today and the future.
The artist’s understanding of “thinking and researching with and via images”, which emerged in the 70s, formed a basis for the plastic and conceptual transition of his art. The medium and tools he uses, his painting techniques and methods, and his approach in extending beyond the pictorial space fictionalize his distinctive world of fantasy and image. Those who have witnessed the formal and semantic transformation and evolution of Akdeniz’s works can see that his works cannot be categorized into any specific artistic era or movement. Prof. Rıfat Şahiner, the author of Akdeniz’s book Cultural Signs, uses these words to describe this characteristic of the artist “The art of Akdeniz follows an evolutionary line that appears rather difficult to categorize, the plastic concerns and conceptual structuration principles of which are based on a certain principle. This evolution renders visible the concept of a unique art in which meaning and problems of form are triggered by one another and symbols, images and signs are in constant motion, revealing new possibilities.” (Rıfat Şahiner; Halil Akdeniz and the Cultural Signs [M. S. Çalışlar translation], Foreword, Masa Publishing, 2015, İstanbul)
Akdeniz’s complex structured works, which involve conditionally either Conceptual or Pop approaches, are heading towards to a way in which he presents new signs by replacing images and symbols; a way that neither can be well-defined nor its expansions can be determined.
Halil Akdeniz’s art needs to be read, understood and traced well by the spectator, because only then  his works can communicate with the them.