IWM - DX17 Centenary Sound Sculpture

To 30 September 2017
Imperial War Museum Duxford
To commemorate the centenary of Duxford this summer, you can visit a brand new storytelling experience. DX17 is a spectacular and imaginative sound sculpture inspired by Duxford’s rich history and the memories of the brave men and women who lived and worked on site. The sculpture, which is roughly the size of a Spitfire, has 100 points of light across the surface. Each light transmits narrative voices, signals and music that represent one of hundreds of memories from Duxford’s past via innovative sensor technology that translates light into sound.
This not-to-be-missed experience is free with general admission and open all summer.
20 people are permitted to enter at a time for the approx. 15 minute experience
DX17 is open on a first come, first served basis
DX17 experience includes flickering lights and is in a darkened space
The experience is recommended for children aged 7 and above
Why is it called DX17?
DX was the airfield identification code for Duxford during the Second World War and also forms part of the Airfield Signal Square, visible from the sky, while 17 is a reference to Duxford's centenary (1917-2017). DX also describes the act of listening in on long distance (short wave) radio, linking the radiophonic design of the installation with Duxford's remarkable history.