SW - Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods & Münchner Kammerspi

Booking on 15 November 2017
Sadlers Wells
Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods & Münchner Kammerspiele — UNTIL OUR HEARTS STOP
For one night only at the Sadlers Well, acclaimed American choreographer Meg Stuart’s brings UNTIL OUR HEARTS STOP to the West End.
Her work is constantly shifting, developing a new language and set of rules for every piece. With UNTIL OUR HEARTS STOP, a new language and set of rules of are constantly being developing and constantly shifting. Stuart drew inspiration from the people who create their own, fantastical, rules as they retreat from real life.
Six performers and three musicians find themselves in a place that is both a nightclub and an arena: a place of desire and illusion, experiencing extreme intimacy at each other’s hands in their high-octane refuge. To the sound of throbbing basses, piano and drums, they connect and explore each other, and draw the audience into their immersive world.
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