2 March 2018 to 27 March 2018
Australian Museum - Hallstrom Theatre
A beautiful and exhilarating film, Carriberrie uses 360 degree video to immerse the viewer in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance, song and music. Actor and dancer David Gulpilil guides us across Australia in a snake-like journey through time and space. We encounter traditional ceremonial dance and song alongside contemporary performance.
Intimate, immersive and breath-taking, this live-action virtual reality documentary was shot on country to showcase a stunning range of Australian locations and performances, starting at the Sydney Opera House with Australia’s Indigenous performing company, Bangarra Dance Theatre. The 15 minute VR film includes ceremonial traditional dance in Uluru, through rain making and funeral songs in the desert, before heading out into Darwin to rock out with Lonely Boys. 
Tickets include a self-guided tour of the museum's First Nations galleries. Daytime tickets include General Admission.
Advance bookings essential. Last-minute unsold tickets may be available at Admissions for daytime screenings, subject to availability. Evening screening tickets must be booked in advance.
This program is only available for adults and youth aged 13 and up. For enquiries please email or call (02) 9320 6311.
This exclusive world premiere season runs throughout March as part of Weave, our Festival of Aboriginal and Pacific Cultures.