NHM - Human Evolution

Natural History Museum
Meet your ancient relatives, trace the origins and evolution of our species, and explore what makes us human.
Embark on a seven-million-year journey, from the first hominins to the last surviving human species: us.
Investigate what defines a hominin and how much we modern humans have in common with other human species, as well as what sets us apart.
Along the way you will discover the changes in physical characteristics, diet, lifestyles and environments that have shaped modern humans.
'It's fantastic to see such extremely good reproductions of important new fossil discoveries like Ardi and Homo floresiensis, as well as the latest groundbreaking research into the ancient human occupation of Britain, embedded in this gallery.'  - Dr Alice Roberts
Star specimens and exhibits
3.5-million-year-old Laetoli canine, the oldest hominin fossil in the Museum's collection
Gibraltar 1 skull, the first adult Neanderthal skull ever found
skull and hand casts of the recently discovered human species, Homo naledi
scientifically accurate life-size Neanderthal and early Homo sapiens models
420,000-year-old Clacton spear, the oldest preserved wooden spear in the world
Cheddar Man skeleton and fascinating insights into the cultural practices of early modern humans in Britain, including a human skull shaped into a cup
Audio descriptive guide
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